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Lefant Robot Vacuum Review

·3 mins

Lefant Robot Vacuum Review: A Comprehensive Cleaning Companion

When hunting for a smart, efficient, and hands-off way to keep my floors immaculate, I stumbled upon the Lefant Robot Vacuum, a nifty gadget that promised to sweep away my cleaning woes. In this in-depth review, I'll walk you through my firsthand experience with the Lefant Robot Vacuum, evaluating everything from its suction power to its navigation prowess.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Unboxing the Lefant Robot Vacuum

  • Packaging: The Lefant arrived in a sleek, well-designed box that hinted at the modernity of the product within.
  • Included Accessories: Inside, I found the vacuum itself, a charging base, power cords, additional brushes, and a clear instruction manual.

First Impressions:

  • Design: Compact and minimalist, the Lefant Robot Vacuum exuded sophistication and appeared ready to navigate around my furniture with ease.
  • Build: Despite its unassuming size, the robot felt sturdy, promising robust performance.

Features at a Glance

  • Suction Power: The Lefant boasts impressive suction capabilities—the model I tested claimed 1800Pa, proving ample for daily dust and debris.
  • Navigation System: Equipped with intelligent sensors, the robot avoided stairs and navigated around obstacles with surprising acumen.
  • Battery Life: With up to 100 minutes of cleaning action per charge, it outlasted many of its competitors.
  • Dustbin Capacity: At 500ml, the bin held more than enough to tackle several cleaning sessions before needing emptying.

Performance Evaluation

Suction and Cleaning Efficacy

I experimented with the Lefant on different surfaces, including hardwood floors and carpets. Here's how it performed:

On Hardwood Floors:

  • Dust Pickup: The vacuum left nothing in its wake, even in corners thanks to the side brushes.
  • Larger Debris: It managed to pick up bigger pieces like cereal without a hitch.

On Area Rugs and Carpets:

  • Deep Cleaning: It struggled a bit with deeply embedded dirt, which is common with robot vacuums.
  • Surface Lint: However, surface lint and hair were efficiently collected.

Smart Navigation

The Lefant's sensor system was adept at mapping out my space and adapting its pattern accordingly. Although it lacked LiDAR mapping, it managed to cover all areas methodically.

Note: Keep the floor clear of wires and small objects to ensure an uninterrupted cleaning cycle.

Battery Life and Charging

The Lefant faithfully returned to its charging base after each session. While 100 minutes proved sufficient for my apartment, larger homes may stretch its limits.

User Experience and Control

Controls and Setup

  • The setup was uncomplicated and integrating with my Wi-Fi was a breeze.
  • The companion app allowed for sophisticated control, including scheduling and real-time tracking.

App Features:

  • Scheduling: I could easily program cleaning sessions ahead of time.
  • Cleaning Modes: Multiple modes were available, including spot cleaning and edge cleaning.


Easy-to-Clean Dustbin:

  • I found the dustbin removal and cleaning process straightforward and user-friendly.

Brush and Filter Care:

  • Regular maintenance of brushes ensured longevity, but was overall low-effort.

Pros and Cons


  • Solid Suction: The vacuum did not disappoint on typical household dust and dirt.
  • Smart Navigation: Sensors adeptly guided the vacuum around obstacles.
  • Quiet Operation: Surprisingly quiet, it did its job without causing any racket.


  • Deep Carpet Cleaning: As with many robot vacuums, deep carpet cleaning wasn’t its forte.
  • No Room Mapping: While it navigated well, it doesn't save maps for future cleaning.

The Lefant Robot Vacuum serves as a fantastic entry-level robot vacuum, perfect for those eager to dip their toes into the world of automated cleaning without breaking the bank. While it may not boast the advanced features of high-end models, its performance presents a compelling case for those with straightforward cleaning needs.

If you're curious about autonomous vacuums and want a reliable, everyday cleaning assistant, the Lefant Robot Vacuum could very well be your match. Give it a spin, and revel in the newfound freedom from daily sweeping and vacuuming!